Vintage Pattern Addict

In my defense, it is extremely difficult working in a lingerie department and not purchasing every gorgeous thing I put on a hanger.
Falling in love with a garment from the pattern all the way through to the finished product allows you to really relish the experience, rather than just handing over cash and  carrying out a bag (or opening a box if you’ve got an online habit like I did.)
That being said, I must admit I’ve only made 3 out of the 8 vintage patterns I now own :/ Many of them are just not in my skill range yet and I’d hate to cut out such a delicate thing as a 1940’s suit pattern unless I know exactly what I am doing.
But… this 1950’s topper jacket looked pretty simple! And it’s finally starting to get chilly out here in Oregon.
And I really am a sucker for anything from the forties. These pajamas circa 1947 were my size and only cost $5! Obviously a justifiable purchase.

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