Sewing Lesson


I was working on the muslin for my second Simplicity 3613 dress (see the original here) when my 5 year old nephew came over for a visit. He has always been a bit of a fashionista (ister?) but I was surprised at how curious he was to learn the sewing trade.

I taught him what a pattern is, how the thread is woven into the fabric by the needle to make two pieces of fabric stay together, and the difference between using a machine and hand sewing.

He picked out different stitches in my fancy Brother and pushed the pedal to stitch them. This little one may be destined to sew because he scolded me for not trimming all of my thread tails. Ha!

I also had him help me sew a button hole on the machine and then hand sew the button onto the muslin colar. He was excited to match the finished bodice up to his polo shirt and see that he had created the same kind of closure.

I’ve always loved sharing new information with my nephew and niece, but their capacity to learn still amazes me at times like this. I never would have guessed that after his third week in kindergarten he would already be old enough to understand how to sew. I hope to never underestimate him again!

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