Review: Betty Page Clothing

I recently heard tale of a boutique offering new production clothing in vintage sizes. It’s called Betty Page Clothing and they just opened a shop in downtown Portland.

My first reaction was fear: that sounds like Nerdy Girl Vintage! But then I realized that while the clothes are new production, the styles are still hard core vintage. Realizing they aren’t competition with my “modern inspired vintage” concept (and totally excited at the prospect of new garments fitting me) I decided to go check it out.

I walked into the shop and said plainly, “I pretty much only wear vintage because I’m already shaped like I’m wearing a gurtle. I don’t like looking like I’m wearing a costume.”

With that in mind the shop lady pulled a few things for me to try. She was totally friendly and helpful and we had fun selecting stuff. I admit to being skeptical that the XXS would fit both my bust and waist. But some things did! And I am now smitten with this fitted nautical dress:

img_0652 img_0653 img_0654

Derp! I’m a nerd 😉

Nothing wins me over faster than proper fit. Overall, the idea of this shop is exciting to me and I was pretty pleased. But then I looked at the fiber content and price tags and the two just don’t add up in my head.

$56 for a 100% polyester sweater? I think not. Even though I’ve been itching for a wool sweater in just this shape (get it? Itching?). This polka dot pencil skirt was also an amazing off-the-rack fit, but the cotton was so light weight and flimsy that I’d never pay for it. I’d rather suffer through muslins and sew it at home in a fabric that will last me years.

What you’re paying for at Betty Page Clothing is the niche style and fit, not the quality. I’m less surprised to see they’re sold on ModCloth now that I have felt the fabrics in my hand. The quality is just not up to my fiber standards.

In the end, I would drop $150 on the nautical dress because I can’t resist off-the-rack fit. Some things I just don’t want to sew. And the stretch of the poly cotton blend is actually really comfortable. But I am hoping to find a way to make the sweaters myself.

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as vintage knit sewing patterns??

Note: After exploring their website a bit I discovered an outlet section. The prices here are much more reasonable!

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