Planning: MadMen Challenge III

peggy2_2 peggy2_4
Oh boy, here I go again, picking a Peggy dress with a complicated neckline! I think I did ok with last year’s dress. This new dress I am planning looks like it has a silk scarf for a collar. Or, as my bf deemed it, a “scollar.” Get it? Like scholar? So, I am definitely going to have to name this The Scollar Dress. Hahaha…
I am probably going to do a really simple shift dress in black and then look for some black and white striped polyester for the scarf collar detail. There is a slit in the front of the dress that the scarf weaves through. I am not exactly sure how to create that yet… How does Peggy get her head through any of her dresses?? Anyway, lots of planning to do I guess!

Are you participating in Julia Bobbin’s MadMen challenge this year? If so, what are you thinking of making?

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