Now Testing: Fabric Bleaching


OMG this is so much fun! I used two knit dress pieces to experiment with fabric bleaching today.
Step 1: Dip a medium sized paint brush into a cup of bleach.
Step 2: Let the bulk of the bleach drain off and then drizzle and flicked it onto the fabric.
Step 3: Lay flat to dry in a well ventilated space.
Note: Keep in mind that the bleach will spread out. My splatters of bleach doubled in size as the knit soaked them up.
On the first dress, I flicked bleach evenly over the whole thing. For the second dress I wanted to try a diagonal pattern. Hopefully, when I piece it together I’ll have one stripe across the body. I will keep you posted with results!
 Have you experimented with painting, dying, or bleaching fabric?

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