It’s Official: I am a sewing geek. My Mother said so.


(Please excuse the abismal quality of this snapshot, I’m currently operating with nothing but PhotoBooth)
I’ve been working on a new version of Simplicity 3613 using a fabric that not only has grey vertical stripes, but a herringbone texture as well. And this is my first time matching stripes. Nervous much? Why yes, I was! I decided to just take my time and be über meticulous about each step. And maybe even follow all of the pattern instructions for once?
Tonight I finished the entire bodice (including the hand sewn slip stitching of the bias tape) and my unusually well mapped out cutting job paid off: The horizontal stripes of the front colar intersect at a perfect 90 degree angle with every single vertical stripe on the bodice. What?! And obviously all the other lines match up at varying degrees with wich I am less familiar, but they look equally perfect.
I’m not even kidding, I almost cried.
After I joyously pointed this out to my Mother she laughingly responded, “Wow, you really are a geek!” I will take that as a compliment with just a hint of jealousy, since she had been shuffling through all of her handmade church clothes from the 80’s earlier this afternoon. You wish you had a salmon colored herringbone dress, Mom!
I look forward to forcing my friend to take many fabulous pictures of me in this dress once I get the skirt attached. No need for you to see me in just a bodice and blue bicycle shorts. Until then, happy sewing my fellow geeks!

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