In The Works: “Nerdy Girl Vintage” Clothing Line

Hello, wonderful friends!

I had the idea of starting a vintage inspired handmade clothing line over a year ago. There are many aspects of this venture that are tedious and daunting, so I have not made much progress. But I am happy to announce that my first pieces are now for sale in a local Portland shop!


Head over to my Nerdy Girl Vintage blog to see the slim 60s style wool neckties I am working on.


The brand is inspired by my Grandmom, Joyce. I was fortunate enough to inherit her petite hour glass figure, but I quickly learned how difficult it is to properly dress. I taught myself how to sew because I couldn’t find proper fit in modern RTW fashion. I enjoyed vintage clothing because it suited my body, but I felt like I was wearing a costume and rarely wore the vintage pieces I purchased in my day to day life.

So, I chose to sew from vintage patterns and alter them to suit a more modern aesthetic. And Nerdy Girl Vintage was born!

Once I sell some of these neckties around town I will have money to play with branding an packaging. Then I can offer them to you all on Etsy! In the mean time, I would like your input on something:

Would you ladies out there enjoy it if I offered hair bows that matched the neckties, so you can match your SO? I am super cheesy and always like that kind of stuff but I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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