Contrasting Polka Dot Hazel Dress

Wow, I can hardly believe its been two months since I began this dress project by creating a mood board! I purchased my fashion fabric as well as a boat load of muslin before departing for New York, but while there, I was only able to get as far as sewing my muslin. For another month and a half the cut and prepped pieces of my final dress sat buried at the bottom of a suitcase.
The day I returned home to Portland and was reunited with my beloved Brother (btw I think he needs a name!) I started sewing up my Hazel. Even though I had adjusted the pattern after creating my muslin, this dress somehow ended up fitting my younger sister rather than me. I was a bit sad to lose a summer dress, but stoked to see my creation fit her so well. Look how beautiful she is!
I almost forgot to mention that I drafted these straps myself! I forgot the pattern piece in Clare Bare’s studio the day I sewed my muslin. I think their placement in the back is just a bit off. I don’t know if that is due to my drafting or if it stems from the pattern itself. I know I’ve seen the same strap placement on other Hazels. Still, they turned out alright, especially with the addition of some pink braided trim I had in a scrap bag!
Colette Patterns never fails to deliver gorgeous dresses, and I can hardly wait for their fall line! Happy sewing 🙂

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