(Almost) Finished Peplum Skirt!

After we last spoke, I decided to remove the pleats in the front of the peplum and re-drape it to fit my shape. This is where a dress form would really come in handy!
I chose to have the drape originate at the left hip and fall naturally. There was also that tassel bit I could have added to the side, but my fabric was too thick and it just didn’t look right. I ended up leaving it off.
Sorry for the odd coloring on these photos! My camera is on it’s last leg, and the colors of my outfit didn’t match 😛
When I re-draped the front of the peplum, the fabric didn’t quite line up correctly. I’m going to hand sew that bottom exposed part, and then possibly add a rosette.

This was my first time adding a waistband! A veteran seamstress will probably suggest that you try new things in their most simple form, but I’m not good at doing things the easy way. Plus, I’d already decided this skirt was a glorified wearable muslin rather than something I’d wear often, so I added some lovely braided piping!

Overall, I love the shape of this skirt! Most women think the peplum wouldn’t suit their shape, fearing that it would accentuate a larger lower half. But as a woman with large hips (well, my hips aren’t large my waist is just small!) I feel this look is extremely flattering, and very feminin.
I’ll be making more of these now that I am comfortable with the pattern assembly. I may experiment with the length of the skirt, the fullness of the A-line, and of course I’ll find fabric that doesn’t so closely resemble a set of hotel sheets.
Happy Sewing!

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