Monday, January 28, 2013

50's Flannel PJ Pants: Simplicity 1230

It has officially been one year since I started sewing! I can't believe how far I've come since I made my first meringue skirts. But the thought of sewing pants was still making me nervous, so I started with these 1950's pajama pants. 

I royally f'd up the side closure. This is what I get for trying something new with a vintage pattern. You think you understand the esoteric instructions and then you look at what you've done... hot mess. But I'm happy I pushed through and managed to insert an invisible zipper. Too bad the zipper and thread were grey...

And yeah, I am not loving the fit here but overal I don't think it isn't terrible for a first attempt. 

So, funny story. I wanted to do flat felled seams on this project and I got as far as cutting one side of the salvages before realizing: you can't sew inside a tube! Derpderpderp. 

(wrong side of fabric)

So I whip stitched the entire inseam, side seams, waistband and hems. It was definitely time consuming, but actually really relaxing. I used contrasting thread because I want my top to be grey with navy thread. I am ok with the fact that you can see these hand stitches on the outer fabric, I think it's a nice handmade touch. 


  1. You've been sewing a year and did these?! Great job! I've been sewing for 2.5 years and still haven't finished a pair of pants. I get overwhelmed by all the changes I have to make to fit me. Then again I've never had a pair of pants fit well in my lifetime, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. lol Your whip stitched seams look wonderful! Again, great job!

    1. Thanks, Relynn! They're far from perfect but I'm glad to be over the hurdle of completing my first pair :)

    2. Yeah, perfectionism has been my biggest hurdle with my sewing. One of these days I'll just say "Eh, it's good enough" with a pair of pants. lol I think I need to add completing a pair of pants to my goals for this year.