2 Year Sewing Anniversary: I Think Knits Time!

It has been 2 years since I started sewing and I realized the other day that I have yet make any knit garments for myself.

About a year ago I was introduced to knits when doing production sewing for a local boutique. Working at Mag-Big acquainted me to the grainline of knits, sewing with serger and coverstitch machines, and cutting fabric with a rotary cutter rather than sheers.

But the fabric they use is mostly thick, vintage polyester. It doesn’t have a ton of stretch and it isn’t very slippery. I felt confident enough to start a Newcastle Cardigan for my manfriend for Christmas (though I have yet to buy a ballpoint needle to make the button holes). Menswear is boxy and has a pretty loose fit, so that project is has been straight forward. The sweatshirt wool I used was thick and very cooperative to serge together.

However, the kinds of jersey I am drawn to at the fabric store for myself are usually very fine weight and slippery soft.The garments I am interested in sewing are fitted skirts and dresses, which means I have to deal with ease and stretch. Also, there is knowing which seams need reinforcement and a whole different world of hem finishing.

In an effort to create more clothing that I will actually wear, I have decided to bite the bullet and start on some knit projects.


This cream content unknown knit with gold hounds tooth print was in the “New From NYC” pile at Mill End and I couldn’t resist it. There is enough for a dress for both my little sister and myself. Woot, sister sets!

I found a simple black t-shirt jersey for the perfect spring/summer Coppelia wrap sweater. As an ex-ballet dancer I was thrilled to get this Papercut pattern for the holidays!


And I know this is probably a stupid thing to do for my first knit venture, but I am going to use these bamboo fabrics for a Chole dress by Victory patterns, V.1. This dress pattern is designed for wovens, so I am going to have to size it down at least two sizes from the smallest size available (I am a 00 right now for some reason). And I think I am going to omit the zipper so it is a pull over. I hope that is ok???

I will definitely be digging up some scrap knit for a muslin. I am going to do a full run through of the dress to make sure I know how I am finishing the neckline and armholes. I have some twill tape for reinforcing the shoulder seams. Is there anything special I need to do for the princess seams?

Do you have any other words of advice on sewing with knits for the first time?

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